Our Goal is to Make Your Dental Experience The Best!

Dentistry for all smiles! Bring the entire family including the kids!

Family Dentistry

Yes, we see children! We’re dentists for your whole family.

Accessible Dentistry

We are responsive to email and appointment requests and will get back to you quickly. You are welcome to text to ask for an appointment: #803-366-0077

Friendly Staff

We strive to provide a compassionate and positive experience that will change your mind about what a visit to the dentist can be.

Modern Facility

Our modern facility combines leading technology with down-home comfort.

Gentle Experience

Our staff is committed to ensuring you have a positive experience. We offer laughing gas and other numbing & relaxation options to ensure a comfortable experience.

Dental Wellness

We believe in prioritizing dental wellness to not only promotes a healthy smile but also contributes to overall well-being.


My tooth experienced a significant chip this weekend. It was very uncomfortable. I contacted the office on Friday evening and received an immediate response. My immediate needs were addressed and I was in the office for an appointment Monday morning. Dr. Austin and her team were great. She made sure I was comfortable, explained the process and completed the work. Excellent service each and every time.

-Jan M.


By far the best dentist I’ve ever been to. Dr. Austin was sweet, caring and took the time to answer my questions which really helped to ease my anxiety (dentists have always made me uneasy and anxious). Claire was amazing as well! She was patient, kind and she listened to my concerns and took the X-rays fast and made that process much more comfortable than any I’ve had in the past. I recommend this dentist office 100%! You won’t be sorry if you choose Austin Dental.

-Brooke E.


This staff is very wonderful and do a great job of making me feel welcome and comfortable. It says a lot that I actually look forward to my dentist appointments and I know that not everyone can say that.

Despite seeing me once every three months, Joy will recognize me immediately and get me checked in even before I walk in the door and greets me in a way that makes me feel welcome. Claire and Doctor Austin have done a lot with inspiring me to take care of my teeth better. They also make a point to catch up with me personally and it is appreciated. L

I believe they do a great job of finding other people with a similar disposition. I met Natalie today who started two months ago and did a great job of checking in with me and making me feel seen as a person.

I can’t express how much I enjoy Austin Dental. They do great work with the most inspiring and infectious good attitude.

-Lucas K.


“I had my first visit at Austin Dental. The staff is amazing. I felt everyone genuinely cares for my wellbeing, from the front office to the dental staff in back. My hygienist Karen was described by Dr. Austin as “super gentle”. This statement is completely true. In all my life, I’m 38, this is the first time I leave a dentist office after a cleaning and my entire mouth isn’t sore form all the poking and scraping. (Side note I haven’t been to a dentist in 3 years+) Dr. Austin is the same, very thorough explaining everything. We put together a treatment plan to get me back in shape. If you are looking for a family dentist with excellent staff, go here.”

-Ebed A.


“It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to go to Dr Austin. She and her staff are truly caring and professional. I’ve been a patient for about 7 years and i absolutely hated going to the dentist until I became a patient at Austin Dental. It’s a good feeling to know they consistently care about their patients.”

-Susie A.


“Dr. Austin and staff made sure I was comfortable and taken care of for my dental work. Dr. Austin has a extremely gentle touch, explained everything I had questions about and made sure my pain was under control. I would recommend her to anyone in search of a amazing dentist!”

-Kate T.


“After a horrible experience with my former dental group in York, I switched to Austin Dental. I have had nothing but comforting and pleasant bedside manner and care with thorough explanation and reassurance throughout all of my visits. Highly recommend Danielle and her staff.”

-Jessica T.